The Sonar – Underwater Camera Connection

Aqua-Vu’s amazing Multi-Vu System instantly adds underwater video to your sonar unit or LCD 

Crosslake, Minn. – High-tech fish finders show us relatively realistic underwater images. And yet, anglers still often find themselves questioning what they’re seeing on screen. Is that a fish or a school of bait? Is it a bass or a bullhead? Any crappies hiding in that brushpile? Bass buried in the grass? Why won’t those walleyes bite?
Where sonar provides clues, an underwater camera reveals real-life answers. Both tools belong in the boat and in your ice fishing shelter. And now, thanks to a new device from Aqua-Vu, anglers can see all perspectives of the underwater world on a single screen. The Multi-Vu Underwater Camera Adaptor System instantly adds underwater video functionality to your boat’s sonar, or a TV inside your large ice fishing shelter.

Coupled with the Multi-Vu System, any sonar or TV equipped with a video input can be immediately transformed into a clear, colorful underwater viewer. Compatible sonar systems include products from Lowrance, Garmin and Raymarine.

“The Multi-Vu system provides an awesome interface between my Aqua-Vu and my big screen sonar,” says professional angler Bruce “Doc” Samson. “Real-time underwater video gives me a superior view of my fishing area, in the sharpest, brightest, and most amazing sunlight viewable picture available. The ability to view sonar sigAV_MV02_vidcap1nals side-by-side with real-time underwater video is a remarkable advantage that also gives me a big boost in fishing confidence.”

Available in two versions, Multi-Vu can be purchased as a complete camera system or camera adaptor only. The complete Multi-Vu Underwater Viewing Adaptor System (MSRP $299.99) features a high-res (600 lines of resolution) Aqua-Vu Color Underwater Video Camera with adjustable LED lighting, 100 feet of 200-pound-test cable with Cable Wrap and waterproof Multi-Vu Control Box. The Multi-Vu Adaptor only (MSRP $99.99) includes a 12-volt power supply cable, video-out, on/off switch and camera light dimmer; it is compatible with Aqua-Vu, Marcum and Vexilar underwater cameras (camera not included).

Installation is a straight-forward process that simply requires a compatible video-in enabled sonar unit, an RCA-to-BNC Video Adaptor (for Garmin & Raymarine units) or AquaVu_05an HDS Video Adaptor Cable (for Lowrance HDS). For a helpful walk-through on installation, follow the link HERE.

“Just because you mark arches on sonar, doesn’t always mean they’ll bite,” Samson adds. “There’s always a reason, but it’s not always because the bass or walleyes just ‘aren’t biting.’ Sometimes, it’s because, they’re not bass or walleyes at all, but some other species. Or, they’re doing something that can’t be understood without an Aqua-Vu.”

Economical Micro 5 PLUS Underwater Viewing System positively IDs your target species

Crosslake, Minn. (June 24, 2015) – While searching for fish with sonar, an unspoken uncertainty permeates the thought processes of anglers everywhere: The marks on my viewscreen look like fish, but how do I know they’re the right size… or even the right species?

AVMICRO5_PLUS Aqua-Vu® has been solving underwater mysteries and guiding anglers to livewells full of those “right fish” for two decades. The trend continues in 2015, as the leader in underwater viewing releases the Micro 5 PLUS, a powerful, portable and affordable viewing system that does one thing to perfection: Find the fish you want to catch.

Complete with a vibrant 5-inch color LCD and a patented high-resolution Micro camera, the Micro 5 PLUS delivers a crystal clear 1 million pixels of underwater real estate—live and in rich, realistic color.

The new tablet-sized viewing system also sports 100 feet of high-strength optical cable and both a viewing fin for slow trolling or drifting and a separate camera clip for use while ice fishing. Activating the new Micro 5 PLUS is as simple as flipping open the LCD cover/sunshield, which auto powers the unit both on and off. Touch-key operation and intuitive on-screen menus guide the user through screen adjustments and basic functions such as 3X Zoom, sleep mode and infrared lighting.

Built for use in a wide range of conditions and air temperatures down to at least -20oF, the Aqua-Vu Micro 5 PLUS also features an IP67-rated waterproof LCD case. Fitted with a petite yet powerful internal lithium-ion battery, the unit runs up to 7 continuous hours on a single charge. Battery charger is also included, as is an RCA video-out cable for displaying underwater video on larger TVs and video-in equipped sonar units.

While prefishing a recent National Walleye Tour event, pro angler Tommy Skarlis utilized an Aqua-Vu Micro camera toIMG_4162 positively identify walleyes on a spot that ultimately yielded 2nd place fish. “The Micro is an awesome tool for verifying or disproving what I’m seeing on sonar,” said Skarlis. “During practice, I could drop the camera and determine the species, size and position of the fish—and see the exact habitat or forage that was attracting them. The Micro gave me needed confidence to stay on a spot and work it, so I could extract precious bites and earn a nice big check.”

Skarlis vocalized another advantage of the camera-sonar connection: “By using the RCA video cable included with the Micro, and a little two-dollar BNC video adaptor, I can display a live video feed right on my big screen sonar unit. The color, resolution and daylight viewability are incredible. It’s also huge for instantly comparing sonar signals with Aqua-Vu video, and dropping GPS digits on the sweet spots.”

Beyond enjoyment, education and ease-of-use, the new Micro 5 PLUS offers extras such as a USB port for connecting to computers, tablets and other devices. Another Aqua-Vu exclusive, a 3X Digital Zoom feature, allows for examining fish and cover up close. Further, integrated adjustable IR lighting illuminates deep and dark water.

As a bonus, purchase of a Micro 5 PLUS or any Micro Series Underwater Viewing System qualifies buyers—October 1, 2015 through January 15, 2016—to receive a FREE Pro-Vu Custom Softcase and a 12v Auxiliary Battery Charger/Car Adaptor ($60 value). For more information, or to request a catalog, please visit

From Squid Surveillance to the ‘Search for Sasquatch’

Aqua-Vu Micro cameras playing key role on TV’s Survivorman: Bigfoot

Crosslake, MN (May 8, 2015) – Evidence. Existence. Our need to know the truth. The human desire to document the unknown has never wavered, and lately, has manifested itself in the form of very real video verification, thanks to specialized “trail cameras.”

Count the Discovery’s channel’s Les Stroud among the inquisitive. Through vast time and travel in the bush, Stroud has experienced unexplained phenomena convincing him not only of the possible existence of Bigfoot, but of the creature’s intelligence. So when Stroud set out to capture footage for his new TV series, Survivorman: Bigfoot, he knew he’d need the stealthiest surveillance cameras available.

SvrmanBigfoot-AV_05Having worked with Aqua-Vu Underwater Viewing Systems on numerous past projects, Doug Hajicek, wildlife researcher, television producer and Tech Director for Survivorman: Bigfoot, immediately consulted with the popular marine optics company. Ultimately, Hajicek secured and equipped eight Micro 5 underwater camera systems for filming of the new hit Discovery Channel series.

“All previous trials with traditional trail cameras have failed,” noted Hajicek, President of Whitewolf Entertainment, who has produced over 200 TV features since 1987.

“It’s known that many animals in the wild possess acute hearing and vision capable of detecting or sensing light in the UV and even infrared spectrum. The Aqua-Vu Micro cam has proven ideal for capturing potential Bigfoot footage because it is so stealthy, totally silent and compact enough to allow us to conceal the acorn-sized optics within natural objects.”

SvrmanBigfoot-AV_01Stroud, who has filmed wildlife and challenging outdoor environments with numerous camera brands, has been impressed by the Micro systems. “The Aqua-Vus performed incredibly well under tough weather conditions,” Stroud said. “They were the perfect cameras for the task at hand, and have greatly enhanced my ability to incorporate unique and stealthy camera angles during the making of Survivorman: Bigfoot. The ability to quietly record outside, well away from a tent, and then to watch live from the inside gave me story content I couldn’t have captured any other way.”

While traditional trail cameras consist of larger boxlike units that often give off audible noises and flash with small lights, the Aqua-Vu features a tiny camera connected to a handheld monitor via 100 feet of ultrathin cable. During show filming, this configuration allowed Hajicek and Stroud to hide multiple cameras in benign objects such as stuffed grouse mounts, tiny tree knots, duck decoys and even inside artificial water lilies. In each case, the camera cable was buried while the LCD/recording unit was concealed 100 feet away, keeping any potential light or sound well away from the vicinity.

“It’s pretty interesting that the best stealth trail camera design on the market is actually one designed for aquatic applications,” says Hajicek. “Even though it’s used mostly for fishing and underwater observation, the Aqua-Vu Micro gives us the best possible chance to record footage of a live Bigfoot.”

Utilizing the Aqua-Vu’s motion-sensing function and built-in DVR, any movement or heat signature passing in front of the optics triggers the unit to record, automatically employing invisible IR lighting, as necessary. Hajicek also said that during TV filming, each Aqua-Vu was connected to an auxiliary 12-volt battery—in addition to the unit’s built-in Lithium-ion battery—for almost unlimited runtime beyond its internal 8-hour cycle. For maximum resolution and viewability, Hajicek also extolled the Micro cameras’ auto Color/B&W function for capturing clear footage in low-light conditions.

SvrmanBigfoot-AV_02In addition to six new episodes of Survivorman: Bigfoot, Hajicek has employed Aqua-Vu cameras for numerous other TV shows and scientific studies. “Right now, we’re planning to use Aqua-Vu Micros in another Bigfoot show pilot. But we’ve also used Aqua-Vu cams to record and document never-before-seen beaver and bear behavior in their dens, as well as eagle nests and other fascinating applications.”

Perhaps most remarkable was a project in which an Aqua-Vu cam was actually “worn” by a Humboldt squid, used to attract giant squid, which often prey upon the smaller species. Hajicek captured footage of the largest live, free-swimming squid ever recorded, at over 54 feet in length. The resulting video has aired on the History Channel, providing numerous breakthroughs in squid research, as well as some of the most compelling underwater video ever seen.

“Aqua-Vu’s aren’t just for fishermen,” says Hajicek. “Even with hundreds of trail cameras on the market, the Aqua-Vu Micro gives us the best chance to capture video of a live bigfoot.

“If he’s out there, it could be just a matter of time.”

New Aqua-Vu underwater camera pairs performance with value

Crystal clear 715c Underwater Viewing System features colorful video at all-time low price

AV 715c-web

Crosslake, Minn. (January 3, 2015) – Not many years ago, owning a high definition LCD TV nearly required a second mortgage—or a winning Lotto number. But even though they came with astronomical price tags, the colorful images displayed on these dazzling widescreens carried an undeniable “wow” factor.

Fast forward to the here and now, and find the homes of most folks furnished with at least one, if not two or more of these vivid viewscreens. Thank rapidly advancing technology for plummeting prices, which now make HD within reach for everyone.

Traversing a parallel, albeit aquatic path, Aqua-Vu® recently engineered the on-the-water equivalent of modern-day LCD TV. The new 715c Underwater Camera gives anglers and boaters all the color and flat-screen performance they demand, and at the lowest retail price . . . ever.

Manufacturer of the world’s first and finest underwater cameras, Aqua-Vu recently re-energized the category it created in 1997, offering enhancements such as IP67-rated waterproof monitors and color CMOS camera optics. “IP67” isn’t just another techno-term, but rather a military standard that measures relative protection against dirt, dust and water. IP67 indicates the maximum levels of protection in all categories (go ahead and Google it.) Accordingly, these new underwater viewscreens even operate, well, underwater—although we don’t recommend it.

“I’ve been a major fan of Aqua-Vu underwater cameras since their original systems, which were both expensive and bulky,” says Michigan bass pro Joe Balog. “Their newest technology, though, is simply amazing. The 715c is a super well-designed camera that’s compact, easy to use and it’s really affordable.”


More proof of performance at a petite price: The 715c features adjustable underwater LED lighting, Smart PowerTM Management System for maximum battery life, and an anti-spooking stealth fish camera endowed with micro CMOS optics. Built around a 7-inch color LCD, this economical Aqua-Vu incorporates a smartly designed adjustable screen protector that doubles as a sunshield. Fifty feet of rugged camera cable wraps neatly around an integrated housing. Packed up, the entire system slips into its Custom Storage Bag, which fits smartly into boat storage, or a 5-gallon bucket.

Additional benefits include an intuitive menu-driven operating system, plus an RCA video-out for recording or playing video on an auxiliary TV. Powered by a rechargeable 12-volt battery and battery charger, the Aqua-Vu 715c is performance packed and priced for easy purchase (MSRP $299.99).

“A lot of folks in my boat who haven’t operated a camera in a few years are pleasantly surprised by how much easier they are to use than previous models,” reports Balog. “That’s what technology is all about, whether it’s HDTVs or underwater cameras. Things just get better—more user-friendly and affordable—all the time. And that’s also what you’d expect from a category leader, whether it’s or Samsung®, Sony® or Aqua-Vu.”